Trinity-Conception Pageants

Photo Submission Guidelines

In order to complete your application, you must submit an appropriate photo adhering to these guidelines.

Photos MUST:

Photos must NOT:

Accepted photos

Acceptable submission guideline

Unacceptable submission guideline


If your photo does not meet these guidelines, you will receive an email stating the reason, along with the above information to assist you in submitting a photo.

The TC Pageants committee reserves the right to reject an application if the applicant refuses to comply with these guidelines. The TC Pageants committee alo reserves the rights to modify these guidelines at any time. Photos must be received AND approved no later than the application deadline date.

1If you are unable to provide a photo meeting these guidelines, you may request to have a single photo taken by the TC Pageants committee for this purpose. You will NOT be provided with a copy of this photo. The date, time, and location will be determined by the co-ordinator, no later than a week before the deadline date.