Scoring System

Scoring System

Personal Introduction
Evening Gown
Fun Fashion Wear

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Explanation of Scoring System

Personal Introduction - Personal Introduction should be fun an upbeat. Contestants must announce their name, age, and town but other than that it's their time to get creative and be fun.  The personal introduction can include something exciting about yourself, your hobbies, why you entered the pageant, plans for the future, sponsors, anything. It's your time to shine so be creative! They will be judged on clarity, tone, pitch, and emotion.

Basic Examples: "Good Evening everyone my name is _____, I am __ years old and proudly representing the town/community of ______. " or "Hi, I'm ____________, I'm __ years old and I am from the beautiful community of____________" You can add any twists to this that you want the only stipulation is that you have to have your name, age and town included.